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Cooking With Firewood

I suppose that early man, once he got over the fear of fire, learned that fire can be your friend, especially for providing warmth on a cold night and for adding a delicious flavor to the latest kill. So, either as a result of accident or experiment, it would be safe to say that early [...]

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BBQ Dry Rubs

What Do You Know About Dry Rubs? If you’ve always had an interest, but never tried dry rubs for smoking, grilling or barbecuing, read this article and learn how to properly prepare your favorite cuts of meat before cooking on a grill or in a pit smoker. We at Texas Flame And Smoke have developed [...]

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Salt – Learning About Its History!

Salt is one of the most important substances on earth. From ancient times to best-loved recipes, salt is known for more than simply something to set on the table to sprinkle on food. It is actually an essential element that makes all great cooking possible. Most BBQ seasonings require a delicate blend of salt and [...]

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BBQ Sauces – An Interesting History!

BBQ is synonymous with Texas, just like peach cobbler is to Georgia and clam chowder is to New England. Whether it’s a slowly smoked brisket or slathered BBQ ribs, Texans love to barbecue - and that requires the best BBQ sauces. For real barbecue sauce connoisseurs, this culinary creation also has a lengthy and interesting [...]

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Our Website

Our Website Welcome to our website. More blog posts, articles, and recipes will be posted as we grow. In the meantime, please open an account  (your email will remain secure) and let us know what you think. Join us on our social media venues and offer your reviews. Contact us directly to answer any questions [...]

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