I suppose that early man, once he got over the fear of fire, learned that fire can be your friend, especially for providing warmth on a cold night and for adding a delicious flavor to the latest kill. So, either as a result of accident or experiment, it would be safe to say that early man created the greatest food on earth that we now call barbeque. And of course the greatest barbeque on earth is created right here in Texas!

Most Texans prefer hardwoods for cooking real BBQ. Post oak, hickory, pecan, and mesquite are my personal favorites. They all impart a specific smoky aroma that enhance different cuts of meat with different flavors. If you’re a novice outdoor chef, do your research and experiment with different species of wood to decide which cooking wood suits you best.

Bagged charcoal may be your best option if you don’t have the privilege of owning a larger pit smoker to take advantage of cooking with split logs of firewood. You can always find hardwood or fruitwood chunks at a local retailer to supplement and impart a specific flavor to your meat on your smaller backyard BBQ pit or grill.

Any meat that is properly prepared with a dry rub, then slowly cooked or smoked in a pit or smoker, undoubtedly wins the approval of those who truly enjoy the great taste of barbeque. The science behind the method of cooking with firewood is fairly simple; fire creates heat, invisible gasses, and visible gasses (smoke), all of which contribute in producing a great tasting cut of meat.

So, generously rub on your favorite dry rub, immerse your meat in an environment of flame and smoke, and experience the best tasting barbeque on the planet, Texas style!