Since “Tres Amigos Gold” entered the market, it has become our most popular BBQ Sauce. This sauce is the result of three Texas businesses contributing their products and expertise to develop a unique, Texas BBQ sauce. Premium ingredients, including Smoked Sea Salt, Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Smoked Olive Oil are all major components of this creation. The sauce is then given a delicious boost by infusing a generous portion of Tequila Gold, imparting a slight hint of tequila flavor.

We at Texas Flame And Smoke created the recipe and provided our expertise to develop the end product called Tres Amigos Gold. This bold venture begins with a modified version of one of our immensely popular custom crafted gold label “Bees And BBQ” sauces. The base sauce provides a mild Jalapeno kick with a hint of smoke from smoked sea salt, and the natural sweetness of honey.

The second Texas business contributing to this sauce provides the sweet nectar we use as the only sweetener. Texas bees visit the local wildflowers and make the rich golden Texas honey that is used to balance the tanginess and bite of some of the other ingredients. No corn syrups or other sugars are added as sweeteners.

Texas olives is the third Texas business contributing to this sauce. Since cooking with mesquite is a true Texas barbeque tradition, Smoky Mesquite is our olive oil of choice. The addition of Mesquite Smoke Infused Olive Oil makes this sauce a unique combined Texas creation, contributing to a Mesquite smoked BBQ flavor and delivering a special rich golden smoothness. When held up to the sunlight the entrained golden droplets of olive oil create the appearance of tiny gold nuggets suspended in the sauce.

When tasting this sauce, you may experience more than one flavor perception. For some, there will be a subtle sweetness with an underlying smokiness, others may get a subtle hint of the smoky olive oil, and still others may sense a tiny tequila bite and a bit of spiciness. Love it or hate it, all of these perceptions combine to make a truly remarkable sauce for barbeque and beyond.

This sauce has been field tested and conclusively endorsed with rave reviews by partners, family, and friends. I guarantee that it will be a crowd pleaser at your barbeques as well. Tres Amigos Gold is a golden masterpiece sauce for barbeque glazing, finishing, and dipping. It is best used on Pulled Pork, Spare Ribs, Chicken, and Grilled Shrimp, but it’s great on all BBQ!