About the “Texas Star” Youth Fair and Rodeo Scholarship.

We love being a vendor at various Texas Rodeos, Fairs and Livestock shows each year and look forward to visiting with our new and established customers.

These events are more than entertainment and competition for our Texas youth who take part in the activities. It is an invaluable experience, as the participants and volunteers are building character and stability for their futures. The families of these students and educational organizations like 4H and FFA are instrumental in sparking an interest in these individuals to build a stable and honorable future, and to be a positive influence on society.

Texas Flame and Smoke realizes that the sacrifice of their finances, their time, their physical effort, and persistent dedication are what these students are investing in their future education and citizenship. We want to help ease the financial burden by sponsoring a scholarship to one of these “Texas Stars” each year.

We are dedicating $1 for each item sold from our markets and online purchases at www.texasflameandsmoke.com to this scholarship. Our commitment is to donate $1000 each year to benefit a deserving young individual.

The Brazos Valley Fair and Rodeo Association has enthusiastically agreed to administer the process and make the selection for the successful candidate for this scholarship. Thank you for supporting this effort with your purchases. If you have questions about qualifications, selection process or other details, email: Tammi M. Warford @ tammi@brazosvalleyfair.com.

Bobby and Kay Jarrett

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Our BBQ sauces are combinations of savory ingredients with a touch of flame and smoke in concert with our proprietary spice blends with no added MSG. Four different Texas flavors and heat levels to satisfy even the most capricious BBQ aficionado. Cut to desired consistency with your favorite beverage for use as a mopping sauce or BBQ marinade.

The combination of spices and proprietary blends in our seasonings are formulated to enhance and maximize the flavors of your favorite meats, poultry, and vegetable dishes with no MSG. Sprinkle over meats, vegetable dishes, casseroles, and gourmet salads to satisfy your individual tastes. Shake well before each use to combine any settling.

The combination of spices and proprietary blends in our dry rubs are formulated to maximize the flavors of your favorite cuts of meat and poultry with no MSG. Only select flavor enhancing ingredients are used. Rub on a generous amount and let set for about one hour per pound to marinate. Shake well before each use to combine any settling.

Our specialty sea salt comes from solar evaporated sea water extracted from the Pacific Ocean. It is separated by grain size and smoked for a new, bolder taste experience. We offer sea salts in three smoky aromas, achieved by cold smoking over their respective woods. No additives or smoked wheat flavorings. All you get is pure, naturally smoked sea salt.