Smoked Sea Salts

Salt is a natural flavor enhancer and smoked salts offer an additional outdoor flavor boost. We offer sea salts in three smoky aromas, achieved by cold smoking over their respective woods. There are no additives or smoked wheat flavorings in our salts. All you get is pure, naturally smoked sea salt. Enjoy the great aroma and taste of Applewood, Hickory, or Mesquite, simply by adding our smoked sea salts. Use as a blending salt for seasonings and meat dry rubs, in confectionery baking, as garnishes for chocolates and pastries, and as glass rimmers for a variety of drinks.

Our specialty sea salts come from the West Coast and are packaged under our Texas Star private label. Available in a 6.5 oz hourglass clear plastic shaker.

Merlot Infused Sea Salt

We also carry Merlot Infused Sea Salt. This salt comes in a 5.5 oz hourglass clear plastic shaker and is now for sale online. Use as a red meat dry rub, in confectionery baking, as a garnish for chocolates and pastries, and as a glass rimmer for a variety of drinks. Beautiful burgundy color with a slight aroma of Merlot Wine.