Texas Flame And Smoke Seasonings

Along with our already popular Texas Star all purpose, Texas Zest lemon pepper, and Chicken Ranch spicy chicken seasonings, we’re introducing two new lines of seasonings! Mesquite smoked sea salt is the salt of choice for our “Southwest” seasonings line, giving a wonderful Texas mesquite smoked flavor. And hickory smoked sea salt is the salt of choice for our “Southern Flare” line of seasonings, giving a more traditional southern smoked flavor. Same great recipes, just a different smoke flavor for these exciting new seasoning lines. Try our “Southwest” and our “Southern Flare” Steak Seasonings, Chicken Seasonings, and Fajita Seasonings! No MSG.

Note: Our mesquite smoke flavored Southwest Seasonings are back in stock and ready to sell! We continue to be well stocked with the Southern Flare Seasonings with hickory smoked sea salt. Thank you for your patience!