• Texas Ranch Our Texas Ranch BBQ Dry Rub is developed from our original Cattle Ranch Brisket Rub and is one of our best sellers. While still an excellent rub for brisket, it is an all purpose rub for cooks who prefer a less sweet rub on all meats and still get a hint of brown sugar.
  • Texas Sweet Our award winning Texas Sweet BBQ Dry Rub has won numerous awards and it continues to be a favorite for all meats. It is an all purpose rub for cooks preferring a sweet rub. Especially good on pork ribs and barbequed chicken.
  • Texas Hawg "Texas Hawg" is the new name of this flavor enhancing dry rub. It is the same great recipe as the formerly labeled "Wild Boar" and is designed for all your favorite cuts of pork, wild or domestic! Enjoy it on spare ribs, pork butts, pork chops and pork tenderloins.