Federation of Tax Administrators effective January 1, 2022

The Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of states collecting state sales taxes for online purchases. While we have no problem on this issue, we do have a problem with collecting state sales taxes on food items.

Texas, like most other states does not charge state sales tax on food items. The complexity of other states and local sales tax rates and the collection and reporting of sales taxes on food items makes for a bookkeeping nightmare for a small online food item business like ours. Therefore, we may elect to no longer sell to residents of states that collect state sales taxes on food items. We’re sorry for this inconvenience and loss of prospective sales. As of now, we may elect not to sell to residents of the following states:

(1) Alabama

(2) Arkansas*

(3) Georgia*

(4) Hawaii

(5) Idaho

(6) Illinois

(7) Kansas

(8) Louisiana*

(9) Mississippi

(10) Missouri*

(11) North Carolina*

(12) Oklahoma

(13) South Dakota

(14) Tennessee*

(15) Utah

(16) Virginia

*Some districts, not statewide.